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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Journey of the Red Rubber Ball

In the last entry, I introduced you to Kevin Carroll Katalyst. You may remember that Kevin left one if his red runner balls with me. The ball has been riding around in the back of my car and getting impatient. During a trip up to Charlotte this week, it was able to get out and stretch. (It is made of rubber you know!) I will turn over the keyboard to the ball so it can tell you about it's journey so far.

I started my visit in Ballantyne where three giant bulls are lying on the grass. They are sort of scary but interesting, so I watched for awhile and decided to move in closer.

The bench seemed like a safe distance to watch and eventually I decided to move in and introduce myself.

Once I got close, I found them to be very friendly.

Heading to uptown Charlotte, I needed to find a parking place.

Heading down the street, I discovered that Charlotte is a beautiful city. The views down the street and between the buildings are beautiful. With all of the nice fountains, I feel relaxed just being here!

It's lunch time and I'm hungry. Hmm...maybe seafood!

With all the benches along the street, I can take a nice rest and watch the traffic go by.

Charlotte definitely has culture and art. There's an example right on the sidewalk! That thing is huge! I wonder if it is safe for rubber balls?

Hey, this is fun. Art and exercise!

I'm headed off in search of more culture.

Am I art or am I function?

Ok, now I am inspired and I think I will take in a museum. Maybe I could be one of the displays. After all, I am a work of art.

I ended my first trip checking out the Methodist Church. It's a beautiful building. I think with my red color, I look pretty good against the stone.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to see more of the city. If I do, I will definitely get some snapshots and keep everyone updated. Time for me to roll on out of here.