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photoEdge is a photography studio in Waxhaw, NC. My passion is photographing people, whether at weddings, as babies, or in families. You can check out my business web site at www.photo-edge.com.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jennifer & Nick

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jamie & Allen

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senior portraits gone bad?

How many of you had your kid's senior portr​aits done by a big corpo​rate photo​graph​er and are compl​etely​ unsat​isfie​d?​!​ You had to wait forev​er.​ Drove​ far away.​ Got stuck​ with simpl​e borin​g backg​round​s and poses​.​ Got the proof​s back and absolutely​ hate them!​!​

Don'​t worry​!​!​ Just becau​se you are required to get the "​senio​r drape​"​ pictu​re done by them to get in the yearb​ook,​ that doesn​'​t mean you have to buy any of the other​ pictu​res!​

At photo​Edge we are a full servi​ce photo​graph​y studi​o.​ You can choos​e exact​ly when and where​ you want your pictu​res taken​.​ We'​ll even come to you! Do you want to inclu​de your dog in the pictu​re?​ GREAT​!​!​ Let'​s do it! Want to try some fun "​celeb​rity"​ style​ portr​aits in our studi​o?​ GREAT​!​!​ Let'​s do it! Want to take pictu​res at your favor​ite park?​ GREAT​!​!​ Let'​s do it!

We'​ll even refun​d your $50 sessi​on fee from that OTHER​ studi​o!​!​ Call,​ email​ or messa​ge me today​ and we'​ll set up an appoi​ntmen​t :o

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

A New Day Comes

Tuesday morn the sun crept up
to show its shiny face.
A day begun, a day to be won
by all whose faith is in grace.

A glimmering frost nestled on our flag
perched high atop the towers
to light the world with hopes so high
of unity beyond our powers.

Today a new day of normal routine
to be struck by awful terror.
A flying beast rode through the sky
filled with workers, kids and their prayers.

An awful strike, a blow to the wall
debris floating to the ground.
Screams of fright, cries of terror
to loved ones all around.

“A fatal crash, that’s all it is,”
raced through the minds of people.
Unknown to them the danger they’re in
up high on this burning steeple.

Awfully soon they realized
the end was near to them.
Phone calls home to ones so dear
before now becomes then.

Video’s rolling of this tragedy
as another came flying in.
They realized this was no mistake
as the world began to spin.

Not one or two, but four planes crashed
before the day was done.
Rescuers, policemen, media and more
saw them plummet under the sun.

The whole wide world, struck with awe,
grieved for the dying people.
Tens, hundreds, thousands and more
died in those crumpling steeples.

September eleventh, two thousand one
a day to be remembered
by all of those who lost someone
in those hot burning embers.

Wednesday morn the sun crept up
to show it’s shiny face
a day begun, a day to be won
by all whose faith is in grace.

A glimmering frost nestled on our flag
perched atop our homes for hours.
A new day comes, our hopes still high
of unity beyond our powers.

We will never forget.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Most Recent Weddings...

Here's a peak at our 2 most recent weddings....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few things about Dave

Christy added 10 things about her so I need to keep up.

1. The most important thing about me is my relationship with Jesus. He is the strength of my life and the motivation for each day.

2. Next, of course, is my wonderful wife, Aileen. This year we are celebrating 22 years of marriage. Each time I photograph a wedding, I am reminded of our wedding day, and my very best friend.

3. Ok, enough of the mooshy stuff. I do need to mention my five kids. While they have given me more than my share of gray hairs, I would not trade a single one of them. The oldest is now away at college and that certainly opens up the windows for the winds of change (poetic isn't it?).

4. I have always had a passion for photography. Doing it as a job is definitely different than having it as a hobby. Many people do not want to make their hobby their job because it is no longer fun for them. I have to disagree on this one. Photographing people is always exciting and every job is different because each person is unique. There is infinite variety and opportunity for creativity.

5. For my geeky side, I do love and hate computers. There is nothing else in life that is so incredibly useful and yet can be so incredibly frustrating as a computer. I have never enjoyed working on cars but I never hesitate to get the screwdriver out when the computer fails. There is something wonderful about writing programs and seeing them come to life in a computer.

6. The geeky part does not end with computers. Since Junior High, I have enjoyed coin collecting. My favorites are very old coins. An old coin will bring history to life and evoke thoughts and images of times past. I once asked a friend why he purchased an old Humvee. He told me that if I had to ask, then I would not understand. Perhaps coins are the same way.

7. While I no longer fit the part, I once was a very avid bicyclist. Perhaps this is one of those things that never leaves. My biggest accomplishment was riding the entire California coast and 3/4 of the Oregon coast in one summer.

8. If you are going to eat food, then why not make it spicy? I have been given a family, in which none of them like spicy food! So, if you ask me where I want to go to lunch, it will either be Mexican or Indian. I do love adventure in food. One of my favorite places is Epcot in Disney world. You can eat your way around the world.

9. Oh yea, I have been to India twice and it is one of my favorite places. You just can't imagine lots of people until you visit someplace like this. The people are wonderful and I now have several friends there.

10. I enjoy geocaching. If you have not heard about it, you can check it out at www.geocaching.com. It's kind of like modern day high-tech treasure hunting. (Back to that computer thing again)

Now you know a few things about me.

bridal portraits in the bathroom?

Check out the most recent bridal portraits we took in the bathroom!!


new site...

Hey everyone! Christy updated her personal website. Check it out and see what's new!!


Monday, September 1, 2008

a little bit about christy...

1 - I spent the first 21 years of my life in California, 3 of which were in Santa Barbara, an therefore am in love with the beach.

2- I drink a large cup of coffee every day.

3- I have an adorable orange cat named Morgan. I used to have 2 orange cats, but Jerry got very very sick.

4- I entered college with the dream of working as the still photographer on a movie set, but realized that I don't actually want to live or work in Hollywood.... ever.

5- I am a certified scuba diver, however I haven't taken advantage of that in about 3 years.

6- I have been inside a burning building.

7 - Peanut Butter Pizza from Players in Atascadero, CA is delicious!!

8- My pinky toes are so small they don't even touch the ground.

9- My two least favorite chores are folding laundry and washing dishes.

10- I love living in the south.