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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How many photographers does it take to photograph a wedding?

When you have a fairytale wedding at the Biltmore Estate, then it takes a lot! Jill realized her dream of a Christmas wedding at the Biltmore in December. There were moments during the getting ready that she had four lenses pointed at her. She has a job as a newscaster though, so she is used to it and the camera loves her! I owe my friend Bonnie Berlin (www.bonberphotographics.com) for letting me shoot this wedding with her.

Jill arrived at the Biltmore house in a horse and carriage escorted by a beaming father and her lovely mother. Arriving at the front of the house, she found her groom Justin awaiting her.

There is nothing like the Biltmore house for a photo location.

Boy Meets Girl

Girl makes sure boy will not get away!

Jill and Justin are ready for a lifetime of love. Congratulations to Jill and Justin!

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